a midsummer night’s dream

a midsummer night’s dream
A midsummer night’s dream set in economically depressed Athens (2011). Royal Shakespeare Academy (R.C.A.) Stratton Upon Avon, Re-Code Shakespeare


Latin / desiderare: “long for, wish for, expect, demand” / de sidere: “from the stars”

“We have said that in A Midsummer Night’s Dream the love affairs of the aristocracy are represented as in a mirror. This will be understood in its full significance when we take the anti-masque into consideration. While the aristocracy make love partly a frivolous amusement in idleness, partly a sensual caprice, the lower classes on the contrary regard it from its tragic side. The tragic conception of love — standing as it does in contrast to the education and social position of its representatives — in their hard hands and thick skulls produces an involuntary comic effect, and serves for the amusement of the aristocracy.”
Elze, Karl. Essays on Shakespeare. New York: Macmillan and Co. 1874. Shakespeare Online. 10 Jan. 2011.