Daphne Sgourou Drosopoulou lives and works in Athens as a freelance artist and designer, and has been established through her work on design, illustration and moving image. In 2013, she graduated from Central Saint Martin’s College, London, with an MA in Communication Design. During her postgraduate studies she delved into archetypal myths; the study of symbols – their form, their communication impact and their function in mental perception- became her primary focus. The subject matter of her work derives from narrative representations manifested in nature. Since 2013, she has worked alongside musicians exploring visual representations of sound, her work has been projected in Athens, London and Canada. Furthermore, her work has been presented through dance performance (gefyres 2014, waves 2017), music performance (isomorphism 2014) and film (Manekineko 2016). She has also worked as 1st assistant costume designer, for the film Pity, written by Efthymis Filippou. All along the way, Daphne has been working as a freelance designer, creating visual identities and artwork for music festivals, shows and cultural organisations (Athens Concert Hall, Radial System, Molyvos International Music Festival, World Human Forum and more).